Wall Soundproofing

You need a partner to solve a soundproofing problem; we are the right partners for you. The first step in any soundproofing project is to identify what you have now, what the noise is, and where it’s coming from. Our job is to gather the information with your help. After we ask the right questions, you may find that the sound leak is different from what you originally thought. If we know it’s time to soundproof the walls, we are ready to start!

There are many products and methods that can be used to soundproof walls, so we need to know what you have now to make things simple and effective. If you already have a wall, we need to pick the system for your existing wall. More than half of our business starts with existing walls; we have a couple good options that can be installed over your existing drywall along with one more drywall layer on top. We will ask whether the wall is drywall, concrete block, wood, or something else. Mass Loaded Vinyl or Green Glue will work very well in projects like this, and both are very easy to install. After you paint the wall will look the same, but it will block noise a lot better!

New walls can be designed with the right soundproofing products before you start. We always suggest insulation, but nothing expensive. Our products have been tested with plain fiberglass insulation, and we are confident that you will happy using the same design. If the noise source is regular residential or office noise, our simplest systems will work just fine. If you have loud, or low-frequency noise (home theater as an example) we will go with a decoupling system that can block the heavy vibration. Sound Isolation Clips are a perfect solution, and we may combine with another product to maximize the performance.

Finally, we will discuss some of the little things that must be treated to ensure the best outcome. Electrical and data boxes, AC Ducts, seals around doors and windows are a few of the most obvious leaks in the wall. We have the right solution for each of those and more.

We want to discuss your project, call now or complete the form to the right.

Complete the form on right or call us at 704-504-1127 to discuss your project and we will provide free consultation, and products that work, every time.


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