Sound Absorbing

Have you ever been in a room where the echo was so bad that you had trouble understanding the person speaking just a few feet away? Or maybe there was a performance or speaker you were excited to see but that was ruined by the same echo problems? If so, then you know that when the echo is bad enough, you can’t even hear yourself think. Rooms with acoustical problems are typically made up of multiple hard surfaces: plain sheetrock walls, hard floor coverings, glass, and hard ceilings.

We will help you solve your room’s echo problems so you can sit back and enjoy the activities taking place! To improve the sound quality in your room, we need to add softer products that can absorb noise, not reflect it. Sound absorbing products will significantly reduce echo problems in any room. We have acoustical products that will enhance the décor, or blend in with what’s already in the room. Acoustical solutions are available in many styles, shapes and colors, and finding the right one for your room is simple.

When you call, we will ask some questions about the size of the room; what the walls, floor and ceiling are made of; and the type of activities the room is used for. This information is used with our special software to analyze the echo problems and quickly determine how much sound-absorbing material is required to solve it. Then it’s a simple process of determining what look you like, and how much of that product will do the job.