Patsy Cline Museum Nashville, TN

Consultant- David Rochester, TAS

Jody and David Rochester of Technical Audio Service began working together in 2013, on a variety of professional and personal recording studios. David’s company is a Nashville based Acoustical Design firm that works with Recording, Broadcast, Entertainment, and Houses of Worship for 30+ years. The two are now friends, sharing stories about their son’s racing and soccer adventures all the time.

In May of 2017 David reached out to Jody about The Patsy Cline Museum in Nashville. The plan was to add a small live venue under the second and third floor Museum space, and David wanted to ensure that the live space would not interfere with the Museum visitors. Typically, there are two options for a project like this; isolate the ceiling below from the structure or provide enough mass to the floor above to block the noise from below. David decided that no work could be done to the ceiling below due to the old-style wood ceiling construction that the client wanted to remain.

Jody discussed with David the soundproofing options for each floor type- wood/tile/carpet. The decision was made to use commercial carpet on the second level museum floor. Sound Isolation Company has developed a unique line of real soundproofing underlayments for carpet, and Jody determined that Privacy Ultimate Carpet Underlay was the best fit. Using this product would add 2lb/sqft to the floor, and the product is compatible with glue down carpet squares that had been picked out by the client.

The general contractor purchased 3500 sqft of Privacy Ultimate Carpet Underlay directly from Sound Isolation Company, installed both the underlay and the carpet squares, and the project has been a success. The Patsy Cline Museum now offers occasional live performances that coincide with the regular business hours of the Museum. Visitors in both spaces can maximize their experience without having to hear unwanted noise.

A special thanks to David Rochester with Technical Audio Services for his continued collaboration with Jody these past 5 years. We highly recommend David as a studio design and consultation expert; please reach out to him about your new or existing studio projects- he will provide a remarkable outcome for you! Visit his website


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