Soundproofing Floors

Hard floor coverings like wood and tile create very loud footstep noise that travels to the space below. The vibrations from walking on a floor are transmitted into everything that’s screwed or nailed together; this vibration comes out as noise downstairs.

We have a variety of products that will absorb vibrations (noise) before they get to the structure, resulting in a reliable reduction in noise levels. The very best way to use a soundproof floor underlayment is to install it right before the finished floor goes down. Our floor soundproofing products are slightly flexible so they actually absorb the noise, just like touching a cymbal; all the noise stops when your soft finger absorbs the vibration.

Tile floors and wood floors need different soundproofing products; we provide products that are specifically designed for each type of floor covering, not a one-size-fits-all product that comes from a big box store. Airborne noises from the TV, stereo, kids playing, or even a home theater can also cause floor-soundproofing problems. To block really loud noises, we need to add weight to the floor, but adding more wood alone is not the solution. The key to keeping airborne noise from passing through the floor is to add a softer, very heavy layer to the floor.

All our footstep soundproofing products are available in thicker and heavier versions; this will stop two different kinds of noise in one simple step.

Call us at 704-504-1127 to discuss your specific floor soundproofing project, or fill out the form on the right. We have the right soundproofing solution for your specific finished floor.


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