Soundproofing Ceilings

We regularly get calls for help with ceiling soundproofing. Loud neighbors, kids running around, and office noise are common complaints. With many different ceiling types – hard, textured, and grid tile – it’s important to evaluate your specific soundproofing challenge so the products you buy will work. We will spend the time and ask the right questions to ensure a successful outcome.

There are two distinctly different complaints from our customers: footstep-noise from above, and airborne noise like voices, TV and stereo. It is not unusual for a complaint to include both types of noise. We have soundproofing systems that are specific to one of the above, and others that are designed to reduce both. We will help you choose the right one for your specific situation.

Part of our job is to educate you about the types of products that will work and why. The most important thing we can explain is that footstep-noise will not be reduced by adding something over your existing ceiling, or by adding more insulation above your ceiling. Footsteps produce vibration, and that vibration travels through all hard materials that are attached to each other. To reduce the noise, we must prevent the transfer of vibration, by creating a break in the hard things connected to each other. It’s far simpler than it might sound -- just don’t let someone sell you insulation or fancier drywall with a promise of reduced footstep-noise.

We also have a complete system to block noise from traveling through a grid ceiling with tiles. These ceilings are common in offices, basements, and large commercial spaces; we have a simple solution that covers the tiles, and the lights. The products are already cut to size and ready to install, even by yourself.

For a more detailed explanation of Ceiling Soundproofing please download this pdf.

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