Heartland Acoustics – Denver, CO

It might be the walls, and it might not!

A common noise complaint in office environments is, “I can hear everything next door through my walls.” But if your office has a grid ceiling with tiles, it might not be the walls at all. In most office buildings, the walls between offices stop just above the grid ceiling, so there is a big open-air cavity above you and your neighbor. Everything you say can pass through the lightweight ceiling tiles and jump right over the wall to the office next door. Even if there is pink insulation above the ceiling, which is very lightweight, noise can easily pass through. Plus, the lights and air vents are even bigger holes for noise travel.

We were contacted by Heartland Acoustics in 2012 for a project just as described above. Their client had a grid ceiling with pink insulation above, and could still hear almost everything from office to office. Heartland had installed the existing ceiling and the insulation, so they set out to get their customer happy. After investigating options for a real grid ceiling soundproofing system, Jason Gordon contacted Sound Isolation Company for help. When talking things over with our acoustical consultants, Jason learned that we developed a group of products that would treat the office soundproofing challenge quickly and easily.

Our Privacy Grid Ceiling Soundproofing System includes products for every component in an office grid ceiling. Privacy Premium Blocker Tiles are dropped into the grid above every ceiling tile to greatly improve the sound blocking. Privacy Soundproof Light Covers are provided to fit all light fixtures and Privacy Air Return Covers reduce the noise from the large opening that allows air to be pulled out of the room back to the blower fan. All components arrived ready to install and were easily implemented with maintenance crew. Jason recognized that we had the right products to address the client complaints, and could deliver a proven solution in just a couple days. Heartland installed the products in a single day for several offices. The results were immediately evident; far less crosstalk from office to office and even the hallways, and improved privacy for the HR office and conference room, where privacy was needed during important meetings. Jason had a happy customer, and continues to offer the same solution to any customer who needs some additional peace and quiet between office spaces.