Kinetics IsoMax™ Clips


Using Kinetics® IsoMax™ Clips in your soundproofing project is a perfect way to maximize the soundproofing of your walls or ceilings. All sound is vibration, so sound travels through a wall by vibrating through hard materials that are nailed or screwed together. Even using insulation will not block the vibration travel, particularly at low frequency like a media system, TV or footsteps. The most effective way to block sound is too disconnect the drywall from the framing which is called decoupling or floating.

If we can eliminate hard attachments with screws or nails, we can really block sound through a wall or ceiling. Kinetics IsoMax™ Clips are attached to the framing, a simple metal channel is snapped into the clips and your drywall is screwed to the floated metal channels. Doing this prevents the drywall from being screwed directly to the framing (studs or floor joist). For our most demanding soundproof wall projects, and to significantly reduce footstep noise Kinetics IsoMax™ Clips are the best solution.

We stock Kinetics IsoMax™ Clips and can ship your order today. Call now, 704-504-1127, for a delivered quote or complete the form on the right. We will provide free consulting, the right products and simple installation instructions!

Kinetics IsoMax™ Datasheet


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