Ceiling Soundproofing

We hear from customers that struggle with noise from their neighbors above very frequently. Soundproofing your ceiling with the right products can provide significant noise reduction and restore your privacy. Common complaints are that footsteps above can be clearly heard, voices and TV noise sound like the neighbors are in the same room, or kids and pets are running around upstairs. These noises are referred to as impact noise; voices, TV and Stereo noise are called airborne noise. We have soundproofing systems that can address either of the noise types, and systems that will address both.

Residential ceilings are commonly made of drywall, with wood floor joist above. Products like Green Glue Damping Compound or Mass Loaded Vinyl can provide very noticeable improvement in the reduction of airborne noises but will not reduce footstep noise. The impact of shoes on the floor above creates vibration that will travel through everything that is connected; a hard floor is nailed to the sub floor which is screwed to the floor joist and the drywall ceiling below is screwed to the bottom of the same floor joist. All sound is vibration, so footsteps are heard upstairs and downstairs at the same time via vibration. To successfully soundproof footstep noise we must break the connection between upstairs and downstairs; sound isolation clips are the simplest solution for creating this mechanical separation.

Commercial ceilings present different challenges. The ceiling may be drywall, a grid ceiling, or a metal ceiling. We will ask the right questions so that we completely understand the existing conditions, before beginning the problem-solving stage. Typical complaints range from office to office noise, upstairs downstairs noise, or loud commercial spaces below residential units. Each project has unique challenges, we have the right solution for just about every situation.

With a combined 100+ years in the construction business, it’s unlikely your ceiling soundproofing project is something we have never seen. We provide far more than just products, you will get expert consultation from the first call until the project is 100% complete. With each of our team members averaging over 25 years in the construction business with outstanding results in soundproofing construction, we do not experiment at your expense. Call now for a proven solution, or fill out the form to the right.

Complete the form on right or call us at 704-504-1127 to discuss your project and we will provide free consultation, and products that work, every time.


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