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Carpet Soundproofing

Our products for soundproofing carpeted floors will provide significant reduction in footstep noise and block loud noises from above and below. Traditional carpet pads are only designed for one thing; to provide comfort. And quite often, they wear out before the carpet. Our soundproof carpet underlayments are engineered to provide comfort, outlive the carpet, plus give you some peace and quiet! We have solved hundreds of floor soundproofing problems, and our experience has shown that each challenge can be a little different. For example, soundproofing the floor between a home theater and a master bedroom, takes more weight than soundproofing between two bedrooms. We have four products for soundproofing carpeted floors.

Privacy Carpet Underlay Products

Carpet Soundproofing Products

Performance Carpet Underlay – Our Performance Carpet Underlay is thin, weighs 1 lb/sq ft, and is the right choice for rugs or lightweight, low-pile carpet in residential applications only.

Ultimate Carpet Underlay – For more challenging residential noise and floors between different occupants, Ultimate Carpet Underlay is the right choice. At 12mm/.47 inches, it will match your existing pad thickness, and it provides excellent airborne noise blocking because it weighs 1.65 lbs/sq ft. There are some additional benefits that we can explain when you call.

Plus Carpet Underlay – Our newest product for maximum soundproofing in all applications, Plus Carpet Underlay is ½” thick, and weighs 2.25 lbs/sq ft. When you are soundproofing a home theater, home studio, rental unit in your basement or a commercial office, you need the very best performance to ensure a great outcome. If performance is more important than price, this is the right product for your project.

Premium Carpet Underlay – You built a great Home Theater. Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to turn it up! Premium Carpet Underlay is the perfect solution for really loud, low-frequency soundproofing; it's the heaviest product we have. We discovered this product in the luxury yacht building market, where engine rooms are directly below staterooms. If you are paying two million dollars for a yacht, you better be able to sleep when you want to! *Privacy Premium Carpet Underlay is used for home studios, home theaters, and commercial projects, not typical residential noise levels.

Product Performance Chart

Footstep Blocking Airborne Blocking
Performance Carpet Underlay 3-shoes 2-bullhorns
Ultimate Carpet Underlay 3-shoes 3-bullhorn
Plus Carpet Underlay 4-shoes 4-bullhorn
Premium Carpet Underlay 4-shoes- 4-bullhorn-

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Floor Soundproofing Products