Recording Studio Soundproofing

Soundproofing a studio requires a complete understanding of both the construction methods and the right, high-performing soundproofing systems that must be used. We have extensive experience with both consulting and product selection for commercial, professional and home studio soundproofing. In new construction, or renovation of an existing space, our global approach will prevent you from missing a couple things that can significantly reduce the final results. When you call we will ask the right questions, and review the steps needed for a great outcome!

Talk About It (Erik Hassle)

We want to have a conversation about your project, who will be affected by noise, and what you plan to do when using your studio. Live rooms or band practices present different challenges than a mixing room or editing suite for video; we need that information to help you. Every studio project is different, so we don’t market a studio soundproofing kit. It’s important to understand what you have in the space now, so that our plan will work when the products arrive on the job. We may find that you need to build new walls or a ceiling; maybe you will have to construct a floated floor, or maybe you can simply modify what you have now with our products and save a lot of money. After one call you will quickly see that we are experts, ready to assist you with the right planning.

Concerns and Custom Solutions (We Can Work It Out- The Beatles)

Very low-frequency, and high-intensity sound can easily penetrate typical soundproof walls. Best results are obtained by combining decoupling methods, mass, and damping, in the soundproofing system. Windows, doors and ventilation are all potential leaks for sound energy; we have developed specific products to maximize the sound reduction for each of those concerns. Structure-borne noise can transmit through a concrete floor, or foundation walls into adjacent rooms, sometimes even a couple floors above or below. If your studio is located on an upper floor or in a commercial space, the most important concern will be the floor. We have floated floor systems that are easy to implement and that prevent break-out noise to rooms below. We also have developed specific isolation systems to float your ceiling, breaking the vibration path for sound energy. Finally, we have in-line silencers, and custom-fabricated plenums or elbows to prevent sound into or out of the studio through the ventilation system.

Get It Your Way (Two all-beef patties, special sauce..Burger King)

Our services are provided in a variety of ways. For a hands-on client, we can discuss the right products, provide installation guides and ship everything to the job. If you want us to provide more detailed plans so a contractor can bid the project, we provide paid consulting and drawings. We can collaborate with the contractor from start to finish if needed. Finally, we have a small group of highly skilled studio builders that can do the entire job from initial conversation to finished project. These companies have worked with us in the past, fully understand all aspects of studio construction, design, and soundproofing.

Current and Past Clients (Where Are U Now- Skrillex, Diplo, Justin Bieber)

Among our current and past clients are: W Hotels, CBS, ESPNU, The Patsy Cline Museum, Earshot Audio, Sonic Union, Lil Jon and a variety of smaller more specialized clients that record, edit and even have band practice in their spaces. In 2016, we consulted and provided design for a castle in Saudi Arabia -- we were never told for whom or where the project was located!

Check out some of our completed projects. We are ready to add you to the list!


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