Mass Loaded Vinyl


Mass Loaded Vinyl has been the soundproofing industry standard product for decades. Noise travels through layers of hard material like drywall very easily. Adding more layers of the same thing doesn’t help. If we can add a layer that’s soft, and still heavy, we will significantly reduce the amount of noise on the other side. Thin, flexible, and quite heavy, MLV provides a resilient layer when used between two sheets of drywall to absorb vibration (sound), or when installed on the studs before drywall goes up to absorb vibration before it contacts the studs. Mass Loaded Vinyl is an industry term like plywood. Every MLV product is not the same regarding quality and consistency. We developed a better Mass Loaded Vinyl product that outperforms standard MLV. Our product has reinforced fabric on one side, which prevents expansion and contraction in areas of high humidity and temperature change. Installation is easier and less costly because regular roofing nails will work just fine, even for ceilings. For larger jobs a power roofing nailer cuts installation time by at least a third.

Datasheet for Mass Loaded Vinyl

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