About Us

Sound Isolation Company was founded in 1990 to provide a source for consultative sales of reliable products to create privacy between rooms and improve in-room acoustics for any application. Effective soundproofing isn’t simple; we identified an educational gap in the construction and remodeling industry between the actual user of products and the contractor or manufacturer of soundproofing products.

Sound Isolation Company is a real brick and mortar business located in Charlotte, NC. Our sales team can talk to you, in a language you’ll understand, about the products you need and why. We stock most of the products we sell so we can deliver exactly what you need promptly. Our shipping department sends stuff out all over the US and abroad every day, so you’re within our reach, no matter where you are.

The world is getting noisier every day, and we want to make it quieter!

We will provide expert consulting and reliable products to anyone with a soundproofing problem. We expect you to call so we can ask the right questions, understand your project and quickly provide a solution. We will constantly search for cutting-edge solutions and explain in simple language how and why they will work in each project.

Our team is comprised of professionals who specialize in solving almost any soundproofing problem. We’ve been in the noise control business for over 33 years. Our project managers have a combined 170 years’ experience in commercial and residential construction, plus industrial noise control. We provide products and solutions for developers, contractors, design firms, schools, churches, and homeowners. All our customers and projects are given the same attention to detail, no matter the size.

If you need help with a noise problem, we are ready 704-504-1127.


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