Creative Minds International
Washington, DC

Is there an echo in here?

In early 2016, we were contacted by Jerry Zayets of Capital City Real Estate to help with an acoustical project. The customer was Creative Minds International Public Charter school, located in Washington, DC. Creative Minds had a tremendous echo problem in a common area of the school, and they were trying to find products that would absorb the sound, thereby reducing the echo.

We gathered key information from Jerry, including the dimensions of the room, what the walls, floors and ceiling were made of, locations of lighting, doors, etc. Using this information, we plugged everything into our analytics software to determine what type and how much sound-absorbing material was needed to significantly reduce the echo. Next, we asked Jerry to provide pictures of the space so we had a better understanding of the look and feel. We saw a very contemporary room with clean walls and a coffered ceiling. This pointed us in the direction of decorative, acoustical products that would fit in without being a distraction.

Fabric covered acoustical hanging baffles turned out to be the preferred choice of the client. We provided James Lafferty-Furphy, from Creative Minds International, with fabric samples and images of the products for selection and approval. Once the product was selected, it was easy for us to determine how many baffles were needed. More importantly, we worked with Jerry to determine where to hang the baffles for the best result. We went back to the room dimensions to determine the best locations and discussed how to keep the installation simple, working around any potential obstacles or complications before the products arrived on the job. When the installation was complete and we followed up to see how the project turned out, James indicated that the results were very impressive, the products fit the space well, and everyone on their end was happy.