Identify Your Noise Problems

Types of Noise

What is making that noise? Where is it coming from? Is the noise passing through the wall or vibrating through the wall? Once you have correctly diagnosed the noise source, you can begin taking the proper steps to isolate and solve the problem.

Airborne Noise – Conversation, television, radio and other noise that can pass through your wall is called airborne noise. Airborne noise is caused by walls that are too lightweight to sufficiently block the noise. This is a common problem with modern construction as the codes have not evolved to meet the demands of today’s normal occurrences. Often commercial, residential and multi-family walls are built with 1/2″ sheetrock because it meets minimum code, rather than for peaceful living or work environment.

Structure Borne Noise – The low-frequency noise (bass) caused by home theaters, stereos or music practice is called structure borne noise. This noise can pass through a well-insulated wall in the form of vibration. This is the kind of noise you can feel in your feet or with your hands.

What will help stop the noise?

Dissimilar Materials – combining soundproofing products with standard materials like sheetrock or plywood. Different materials break up sound waves and absorb them.

Air Space – creating a thicker wall using sound isolation clips, staggered stud or double stud walls.

Mass – heavier walls and floors block more airborne noise, however using more of the same thing – like layers of drywall, is not as effective as adding something different in density, thickness or physical properties.

Dampening – like a wine glass when you make it ring, you can keep it quiet by holding it. You can dampen the noise within your walls by retarding the vibrations.

When you have helped us to identify your noise problem, we use our experience to provide a very specific soundproofing solution for your project.

Soundproofing is not a one-size-fits-all science; call us now to get started 704-504-1127.

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