Green Glue


Green Glue damping compound is the perfect soundproofing solution for any existing walls or ceilings. Green Glue is specifically designed to be used between two layers of sheetrock, and will act as a flexible sound absorbing layer in the middle. Simple to install and available from us all over the country. Green Glue Damping Compound is a reliable, proven soundproofing product. Soundproofing your current wall or ceiling with Green Glue will not require tearing out any drywall. Just lay a sheet of drywall on the floor, squirt two tubes of Green Glue on it, and screw the drywall over the existing wall or ceiling. It really is that quick and easy to soundproof your room. With Green Glue, you will hear less noise immediately, with far less mess, time, and money! Green Glue is great for soundproofing all noises, and performs particularly well at very low frequencies – noise you can actually feel. Think of a home theater sub-woofer – you can feel the vibration (noise) by placing your hand on the other side of the wall. Because Green Glue stays permanently flexible it will outperform most soundproofing products by blocking more low frequency noise. Use Green Glue for the most challenging soundproofing jobs and you will be amazed.

Datasheet for Green Glue

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