Doggie Daycare Soundproofing

The COVID pandemic led to historical levels for pet sales during this time of very little socialization. In 2020 global sales for dogs exceeded One billion dollars. This resulted in a BOOM for the pet care industry. Since many pet owners have returned to busier work schedules they have been attuned to their pet's needs during the day.

Hotel Soundproofing Project

If you want to make a big noise in the soundproofing industry, you need to be innovative, resourceful and creative. From residential soundproofing to recording studios to major hospitality venues and more, Sound Isolation Company has been helping customers coast-to-coast overcome intrusive acoustical challenges since 1990.

The Lake House in Canandaigua, NY

Renovating aging estate homes and inns into modern day hospitality venues can present unique challenges when it comes to updating soundproofing features for guest comfort. One such property, the half-century old Lake House on Canandaigua in Upstate New York, recently received its over-50 facelift; one that incorporated a highly-effective and innovative approach to reducing noise vibrations between the sleeping quarters, living spaces and large conference rooms.

Winget Park Elementary

Kathy reached out to us for help with the terrible echo problems in the school gym. PE classes, sporting events, plays and assemblies were almost unbearable due to the bad acoustics.