Fitness Center Soundproofing

Boutique gyms are growing at an unbelievable pace. Smaller gyms that have themed formats are the rage; Orange Theory, RockBox, Snap Fitness and Barre are just a few of the franchises we have worked with in the last 12 months. A common challenge is that these brands are in retail centers, and the neighbors will be subjected to unreasonable noise levels. The solution, of course, is to partner with Sound Isolation Company to design your soundproofing system first!

Almost all these fitness centers play loud music for their most of their classes; typically, at levels higher than 90 decibels. To successfully block very loud music requires a soundproofing system that includes decoupled walls, floor and ceilings. These are referred to as “floating” meaning that vibration (very loud noise) will be absorbed before it shakes through the walls,floors or ceiling. We have just the right systems to keep the heavy vibration (noise) from loud music inside the fitness gym and keep it from getting to any adjacent space. Below is an example of our systems at work.

In 2017 we were contacted by a general contractor building an Orange Theory Fitness gym in a two-story retail center. Directly above the gym were two clothing stores that would be blasted with noise from below, and next door was a restaurant. The contractor realized that the current ceiling design in the plans would not work well enough for this two-story location. When he called, we quickly asked the right questions about the existing ceiling and walls in the space and for him to send several pictures to help us better understand and discuss the existing building with him. With the requested information, one phone call and our experience, we prepared a proposal for the soundproofing products he would need. In this project we used a spring hanger ceiling and sound isolation clips for the walls.

We delivered the products in less than a week, discussed the installation with the contractor before they arrived, and provided all the support he needed. During the project we were able to resolve a few challenges with phone calls, and everything was wrapped up the following week. “When I found Sound Isolation Company, I was immediately comfortable that they would be able to help us. The response time was amazing, the systems provided were clearly explained and they had the products here in a hurry. Our client is happy, the neighbors are happy, and we plan to use them again. We have a contract to build 65 more locations, all will have different soundproofing challenges, and now we have a single company to provide the answers. We will not be spending our time trying figure every project out.” said the project manager.

If you are a homeowner, developer, a school or a church we can work with you too. We’ve completed projects for home gyms, basketball courts and church rec centers as well. Call us or complete the form to the right with your gym soundproofing needs and you will be quickly provided with reliable, proven soundproofing products to solve your problems. 888-666-5090


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