Conducting a QUIET Audit?

The best way for us to start helping with your soundproofing project is for you to start the QUIET Audit below. You can do the QUIET audit without our help! Then we will work together on the U and T.

Quantify: Consider the room or rooms you would like to add soundproofing to. Measure the length and height of the walls, or the length and width of the floor. Treat each wall separate, if the floor has an L measure each rectangle separately to start.

Understand: Some projects may require the removal of the existing wall structure. An understanding of your comTo effectively and efficiently counsel you on the optimal solution to your noise problem, please consider conducting the following QUIET Audit on your project.

Itemize: To provide the best solution, we need to understand what you have now. Is your wall insulated, and how thick is the existing sheetrock? You can remove an outlet cover to see in the wall, and may be able to answer both of these if you are not sure. Is the subfloor under your finished floor plywood or concrete? Can you find out how tall the floor joists are? In a basement you may be able to see them and measure.

Expectations: How quiet is going to be enough to meet your expectations. If we are adding a product over your wall what do you want it to look like? What color? Think about this and we can talk it over when you call.

Talk: Our recommended course of action will be determined by the type of noise problem you face (airborne or structural) in combination with the answers to the QUIET Audit.

This is a good start, now the solution is next!

Complete the form on right or call us at 704-504-1127 to discuss your project and we will provide free consultation, and products that work, every time.


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