Soundproof Underlayment For Hardwood Floors

Soundproofing Wood FloorsFootstep complaints are the #1 soundproofing challenge we are contacted about daily. Walking on wood floors produces loud footstep noise in the rooms below. When a hardwood floor is installed directly on the subfloor, there is no layer designed to absorb the vibration caused by your footsteps. For hardwood floor soundproofing, we have two types of wood floors to consider; floated/glued wood floors, and nailed wood floors.

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Floated or Glued Wood Floors

Privacy Ultimate Underlay is the perfect soundproofing underlayment for glued and floated wood floors. We have engineered Privacy Ultimate Underlay with the correct density to absorb vibration from footsteps without feeling soft and spongy. We offer several different thicknesses to fit any project, and smooth out transitions from room to room.

Privacy Ultimate Underlay

Nailed Wood Floors

Soundproofing nailed wood floors is a different challenge because of the hundreds of nails that transmit vibration directly into the subfloor. Any soundproofing underlayment must be firm enough to prevent any movement in the floor long term. Low-cost foam underlayment products are too soft, and will lead to cracking and popping noises that can’t be fixed later. Instead, you will be faced with removing your wood floors and starting over. We offer two proven and effective solutions for reducing footstep noise from Hardwood Floors.

Privacy Hardwood Underlay is a thin, firm, durable product suitable for use directly under a nailed wood floor. At 1/8” thick, with a reinforced fabric facing on top, Privacy Hardwood Underlay will provide a break in the vibration path, reducing footstep noise in the rooms below.

Privacy Hardwood Underlay Datasheet

Privacy Ultimate Floated Floor System creates a completely floated, double-plywood subfloor. Your finished wood floor will be nailed to the floated subfloor, creating no direct connection with the structure below. The PUFF system is ideal for multi-tenant buildings, home theaters over living spaces, and mixed-use properties with commercial spaces on the first floor directly under residential.

Privacy Floated Floor Systems


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