Gymnasium Soundproofing

We frequently hear from customers that are experiencing loud noise in School Gyms. In most schools the gym is the biggest room on campus, so it’s used for more than just sporting events. Live performances, school meetings and assemblies, and gym class are just some of the various events that require excellent soundproofing for a gym. If the room is not treated with sound absorbing products, the echo in the gym can make activities miserable for all in attendance.

The good news is we can fix this problem in a hurry!

Soundproofing a school gym is a very simple process for us. We ask for room dimensions and pictures that you will provide. We determine what the finished are for all surfaces and plug this information and the room dimensions into our acoustic modeling software. We know instantly what the existing Reverb Time (RT)* is, and from our experience we know what it should be for this specific room type. A good example is the difference between a library and a gym: the gym can be fine with a higher RT.

The products we typically use to reduce echo in a gym are hanging baffles, fabric wrapped wall panels and sound panels mounted flat to the ceiling. We know how many of each panel type we need based on the acoustical analysis from our software. We are different than most companies; we know what is needed, we do not guess.

Installation is also a large part of the gym soundproofing process. The pictures we get from you help us to determine what products will be easiest to install. In almost every case we provide the installation hardware with the products. 50% of our gym projects are installed by school personnel. When the customer performs the installation, we will avoid more complicated products, and we are available from start to finish for any questions. When needed we can provide complete installation services.

Finally, we always present options for the products. We work together to select the products you feel will look the best and make color selections. You will have plenty of color options, and you do not have to stick to one color for the entire project. Acoustical products can be used to add color, and style to any gymnasium.

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  • Reverb Time (RT) is a measurement of how long sound lingers in a room; how many seconds for a sound to diminish by 60 dB. Longer RT means more echo, hard to hear clearly and communicate.


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