Shilo's Steak House - Titusville, FL

Louis Sanders reached out to us because the echo problems in Shilo’s Steakhouse were so bad that his customers told him they weren’t returning for that reason. Lewis knew that improving the acoustics was critical, and had to be done immediately.

“I started searching for help locally with no success; nobody understood soundproofing at all. So, I turned to the internet. When I saw Sound Isolation Company’s website, and called, I knew they were the right people to help me”.

We gathered information from Lewis to help us design a solution for the very bad echo problems. The dimensions of the space, pictures of the dining areas, and a simple sketch of the floor plan. We called Lewis back as soon as we got his email to discuss everything we saw, to make sure we understood what his project would require. As you can see in the images, the wood floor, walls and ceiling, along with windows on two walls, provided no sound absorbing. Rather, all the noise was bouncing off the hard surfaces creating very unacceptable acoustics -- we have all eaten in places where the noise levels were so bad it ruined the dining experience. Shilo’s fell into that category when we started.

Using the information Lewis provided, we entered everything into our specialized software to determine how much sound-absorbing material we needed; That was easy. The challenge was finding a product that would not cover up the beautiful wood surfaces. In a dining room, like Shilo’s, we needed to concentrate our products on the ceiling -- the distance between walls is farther than the distance between the floor and ceiling. Lewis would get better results, and spend less money by treating part of the ceiling; full coverage was not needed.

We provided a couple of options for products, discussed everything with Lewis, and decide that fabric wrapped acoustical clouds would be the best option. We had a fabric color that would blend in, and the clouds could be installed in the spaces between ceiling beams, effectively hiding them. Installation was simple. We provided screw in eye hooks, and Lewis used 40lb fishing line to hang them!

Lewis didn’t have an unlimited budget, so we decided to treat the largest dining room first. The results were remarkable! Lewis even reached out to many of his friends and customers to invite them back for a free drink, and to hear the difference. Most stayed for dinner! We heard back from Lewis in four weeks to order the remaining Acoustical Cloud Panels to complete the project.

We have all been invited to come down for a free dinner, and we need to plan that trip soon!


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