Langford Miller Building Entertainment District Fort Myers, Florida

We were contacted by Jeff Romer, a developer in Ft. Myers to consult and design a soundproofing plan to be used in a 100-year-old building on Main St. in Fort Myers, Florida. Jeff was performing a gut renovation, to convert the building into an entertainment and residential space. The ground floor would house a restaurant/bar, and the top floor would be converted into four high-end apartments.


Jeff was in the middle of the tear-out when he started looking for help with soundproofing systems. He didn’t feel confident with any of the local contractors, so he went online for help and found us. We asked Jeff a lot of questions about the building and exchanged many pictures. It was apparent that a site visit was required to fully understand the challenges and design a solution. We do offer paid on-site consulting, so a trip was quickly arranged for Jody to work with Jeff for the remainder of the project.

During the site visit, Jody was able to evaluate the current construction of the floor/ceiling between upstairs and downstairs, the exterior and interior walls, and meet with the General Contractor to discuss code requirements and the actual installation of the soundproofing products. Our services are far more than just selling products; we make sure what you purchase will work, and can be incorporated into the construction -- this is just as important as designing the system. Installation labor is part of the system, paid for by the client. The acoustical design covered many areas, and each one presented some different challenges.


The design included a new floated, isolated subfloor upstairs, and a soundproofing membrane under the finished floor to isolate footstep noise. Downstairs, we specified sound isolation clips, with special attention paid to a couple structural beams that needed to be boxed in. The HVAC system was in an unusual space, between the floors, so we needed to soundproof that space as well to prevent the tenants from hearing any mechanical noise at night. We treated doors at the top and bottom of the stairwell to isolate street noise from the apartments. Finally, we made a few suggestions for the window installation that would help with outside noise as well.

Final Results

The apartments have been rented from Day 1, the restaurant is thriving, and they can host acoustic music on the weekends with no complaints from the tenants upstairs. With Jeff’s strong recommendation, we have completed a couple more projects in the entertainment district of Fort Myers with equally great results.

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