Medical Practice

Patient privacy is required by HIPPA

Heartland Acoustics is an interior acoustical contractor, specializing in ceilings and providing acoustical products for sound control. Heartland first contacted us in 2011 for a small project, and now we have completed seven projects with them.

This Healthcare project with Heartland was for a medical practice in Idaho. Cross talk between rooms was a problem in their client areas. Because patient privacy is such an important requirement in all medical offices, the client asked us for a reliable soundproofing system that would increase privacy between the exam rooms. We began by asking several questions about the current construction of the space. What were the walls constructed of and did they extend all the way to the floor above? What type of ceiling was currently in the rooms, and how were the lights and air conditioning vents installed? Finally, was there any insulation already installed above the ceiling?

Identifying the potential weaknesses for sound travel help us and provides an opportunity to educate our customers about their project. We had the information we needed to get started. The wall construction included steel studs, fiberglass acoustic insulation and 5/8”-thick drywall on both sides. Normally this is a very effective wall for office noise control, but the walls did not extend to the floor above, so noise could easily travel over the walls into the next room, not providing any privacy. The ceiling was a grid system with no insulation above. Now that we knew the ceiling and short walls were the problem, we provided Heartland with a solution.

Preventing noise from getting in and out of the rooms, through the ceiling, was the correct remedy for this project. Privacy Premium Blocker Tiles provide improved sound-blocking when placed directly above any existing grid ceiling. They arrive already cut-to-size and simply lie on top of each ceiling tile, with no new tiles required. Another critical part of the system is blocking noise that might pass through the lights and through any open grids for air to escape the room.

Our Office Ceiling Soundproofing System includes sound covers for lights and open-air grids. We must think about every penetration in a wall or ceiling to achieve the best possible results. Heartland Acoustics and Interiors had a very happy client and we have worked together ever since. Heartland Acoustics has expended to several cities; they have our ceiling soundproofing system in every one!


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