Soundproofing Walls

Have you ever been in a situation where you could hear everything going on in the room next door? If so, you know how frustrating it can be. This can happen in your home, office, or even a hotel. The wall, by itself, simply isn’t designed to provide enough soundproofing. We can help you fix this!

Basic wall construction standards have not been updated to provide privacy between rooms. Today everybody has new audio systems, we see meditation rooms next to a hair salon, even churches need quiet rooms for families in the sanctuary. Our mission is to make the world a quieter place, let’s get started!

Building good soundproof walls isn’t complicated; it just takes the right products and the help of a knowledgeable soundproofing company. When you call, we will ask some simple questions about the noise source, the size of the walls, how they are built and more. We have soundproofing systems for existing and new walls that will greatly improve the privacy from one side to the other. When we understand the project, we will quickly provide the right system, products and talk you through all the details, including installation.

At Sound Isolation Company, we have completed soundproofing projects for residential, commercial and industrial walls. Our clients include homeowners, schools, churches, and recording studios. We even helped a guy soundproof a barn, so he could host private parties with live bands! We are contracted by builders, architects, engineers and commercial building owners for repeat projects all the time – we’ve seen it all!

Datasheet for Wall Soundproofing Products

Give us a quick call if you’re ready to finally get some peace and quiet 704-504-1127 or complete the form to the right.


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