SONEX Acoustical Foam Panels


SONEX™ acoustical foam panels provide high-performance sound absorbing and room acoustics. SONEX™ foam has been used in thousands of studios, schools, offices, churches and more to solve echo problems. SONEX™ foam products contain no fibers and have the highest fire-testing approval available. Small and large rooms with hard walls, floors and ceilings will reflect noise endlessly, creating an environment where it is difficult to understand simple conversations or even concentrate. Adding SONEX™ foam will immediately reduce the echo in the room, changing the acoustics so significantly that you will be amazed. Take a minute to call us now, we will help you solve your echo problem with SONEX™ Acoustical Foam- 888-666-5090.

About SONEX™ Foam

The SONEX™ Foam convolution pattern is immediately recognizable: intersecting lines in groups of three, perpendicular to each other. This pattern can be seen in recording studios, broadcast facilities, office interiors and more. SONEX™ continues to develop new contemporary products to fit any environment, while providing measurable improvement in room acoustics. We have all been in a room where the echo was so bad it made us uncomfortable to stay, or a speaker or live performance was hard to understand and enjoy. Rooms with hard surfaces reflect noise, rather than absorb some of it. To effectively hear and understand something, the sound must be absorbed in a reasonable amount of time, 2-4 seconds depending on the type of sound. By adding sound-absorbing foam panels, baffles, or even ceiling tiles in a grid, the sound will not reflect off all surfaces endlessly. SONEX™ foam is particularly effective at absorbing sound waves, due to the shapes and patterns of their different products. SONEX™ acoustical foam panels are made from 100% fiber-free, Class A Fire Rated willtec™ foam. SONEX™ was the first acoustical foam manufacturer to offer only Class A fire-rated products. Because of this fire rating, SONEX™ foam products can be used in all public and private building without risk of the foam causing a fire. These important environmental factors have increased the popularity of SONEX™ foam for acoustical projects worldwide.