Hotel Soundproofing Project

Hotel Soundproofing Project

Sound Isolation Company Reaches New Heights with High Rise Hotel Soundproofing Projects


If you want to make a big noise in the soundproofing industry, you need to be innovative, resourceful and creative. From residential soundproofing to recording studios to major hospitality venues and more, Sound Isolation Company has been helping customers coast-to-coast overcome intrusive acoustical challenges since 1990.

Of our many projects, our largest to date is underway right now, high above the streets of the Queen City, Charlotte, North Carolina.

If there’s one place you want peace and quiet, it’s a hotel in the heart of a bustling city. The Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott in Uptown Charlotte is keeping the view, but boosting the quiet. Sound Isolation Company is once again collaborating with long-time partners, Soundproof Windows, to make over 150 windows at the Fairfield Inn nearly impervious to outside noise.

They need to be.

Charlotte is a fast-growing city with new residential, hospitality and business space being built out every day. Everywhere you look, construction crews are turning airspace into livable, workable real estate. Some might say you “hear” Charlotte before you ever see the skyline. This is great for commerce and tourism, but presents privacy challenges for the hotels that promise to provide their customers peace and quiet during their stay.

Fairfield Inn & Suites is answering that call by soundproofing windows in the fastest, most effective way possible. Soundproof Windows and Sound Isolation Company teamed up on a plan that adds a high-performance Privacy Soundproof Window inside the room, while the original exterior window remains in place. Each installation takes less than 24 hours, costing the hotel only one day of revenue.

“We have been totally impressed with the Privacy Soundproof Windows. Our complaints over noise dropped by at least 80% in the rooms that have the new windows. The installation went very smooth, Sound Isolation Company was able to work around our schedule based on occupancy,” says Fairfield Inn and Suites General Manager, Bill Moore, “The windows look great, work great and have already started to save us money on heating and cooling. We started with 60 rooms and I’ve already put in a request to put Privacy Soundproof Windows in our remaining rooms.”

Privacy Soundproof Windows provide exceptional soundproofing and have shown to reduce noise levels by up to 75%. Additional benefits include lower heating and cooling costs, plus the elimination of condensation on window interiors. Privacy Soundproof Windows have a great return on investment, paying for themselves in less than five years!

Noise intrusion can negatively impact workplace productivity across a myriad of industries. We’ve built our reputation of success in the soundproofing because we are innovative, resourceful and creative. If you have a noise problem, we’ll design a custom solution using expert consultation, reliable products and affordable price points. From hospitality chains to recording studios to schools, churches, homes and more, Sound Isolation Company knows what it takes to control the noise, so you can better control your life and business.

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