Winget Park Elementary

Winget Park Elementary


Image used with permission of Resilmount

Kathy reached out to us for help with the terrible echo problems in the school gym. PE classes, sporting events, plays and assemblies were almost unbearable due to the bad acoustics.

We arranged a site visit to evaluate the acoustics and deliver a solution. Upon arrival we were intrigued by the fact that the gym already had some acoustical baffles installed, and the echo was still unbearable. Using our acoustic software, we saw that the gym needed additional sound absorbing products to successfully fix the sound levels. By using software, we can avoid what happened here; the previous vendor just didn’t add enough baffles.

After our evaluation we sat down with Kathy to discuss some options. Now that we knew what we needed, Kathy could choose decorative fabric wall panels, our flat absorbing panels for the ceiling, or more baffles. We settled on a combination of all three. Using the school colors, we installed large fabric panels on the walls, and more baffles to match what they already had. During the baffle installation we remove the existing baffles and created straight, uniform rows that would look attractive.


The results were fantastic! Classes and sporting events in the gym are much more enjoyable for the kids and parents. The project was funded by the Booster Club and they are still getting positive comments more than a month later! We can help with any soundproofing project, just give us a call 888-666-5090.

Project Manager
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Jody has been with Sound Isolation Company for 15 years. He has experience with acoustical design and product distribution for multi-family, commercial, industrial and studio soundproofing. Jody works with architects, engineers, contractors and directly with customers on our larger projects.